What is Party Equip


Party Equip is a family business based in Coventry, UK. We are online based catering equipment hire service that was founded in December 2014 to supply food display equipment, beverage dispensers, gastronomy accessories and tableware.  We operate strictly on appointment with regards to collecting and returning of equipment including deliveries. All equipment bookings are done online direct from our website and subsequent updates on orders is done via email. For more information please check our FAQs or call us.  


Party Equip is a business built on;

  • Great efficiency is a pillar of all our business transactions.  Therefore, we recommend that all booking requests must be submitted at least 5 days before the event date to allow us better preparation as well as to guarantee the availability of equipment.  However, in cases of emergency, service users can still contact us to check availability of equipment as we may be able to help. 
  • Flexibility.  Service users are permitted to keep hired equipment in their care for a maximum of 48 hours after their event date.  It is our endeavour to not hassle service users into returning our equipment soon after hosting an event, especially when hosting a large event. We believe that hosting a catering function is nothing less than a daunting challenge and more time is needed to put everything in order. 
  • Giving back to the community.  We believe that community support is important for the success and growth of our business. Therefore, we have devised our own way of saying thank you to our loyal supporters;
  • 10% discount for bulky hires of gastronomy equipment. Alternatively, hire selected dinner plates free of charge.
  • 5% discount for bulky hires of pump action airpot/thermo flasks
  • 5% discount for bulky hires of buffalo soup kettles 
  • 5% discount to students (status verification considered)
  • 3% discount for a lifetime to returning service users
  • sporadic special offers in commemoration of social and public events 






Patience Murapata

The Business owner and Co-founder:

"Since its inception, Party Equip is committed to run business based on affordability, efficiency and hassle-free service for consumers. Party Equip is not solely hankering for huge profits at the end of every transaction, but a service that is ethically run to ensure that caterers do not overspend unnecessarily. Therefore, if you are not certain about what equipment you need relevant to your catering event, please consult us prior to making a reservation order. There is nothing more frustrating than the realisation that you could have saved more only if you had known"