Food Serving Utensils

Important Information:

  • Equipment from this catalogue is supplied generally clean, but not polished.
  • You can keep this equipment in your possession for up to 2 days after your event without extra charges.
  • You are advised to return all equipment in their original packaging and in the manner they were packed
  • When you return unclean equipment, please wipe off any food/drink residue first and use liners provided and follow our repacking recommendations.
  • When you return cutlery units clean, please make sure they are thoroughly dry before you repack them.  Otherwise any discoloured or rusty items will not be accepted and will affect your prepaid refundable deposit.

Steel Nylon Tong: (PE/300F) @ £0.50

  • Stainless steel bands with black Nylon ends
  • Suitable for both hot and cold food 

Stainless Locking Tong: (PE/300F1) @ £0.50

  • All stainless steel 
  • Suitable for both hot and cold food

Ice/Candy tong: (PE/300F2) @ £0.50

  • Stainless steel quality
  • Suitable for picking ice cubes/candy

Soup/Gravy ladle: (PE/300G) @ £0.50

  • Stainless steel rubber handle
  • Suitable for gravy, soups, baked beans, sauces, etc.

Spout drizzle ladle (PE/300G1) @ £0.50

  • Stainless steel 11.6"
  • Suitable for serving sauces, condiments, etc.

Pasta ladle (PE/300G2) @ £0.50

  • durable stainless steel
  • Suitable for serving pasta dishes

Serving spoon BLK Handle (PE/300H) @ £0.50

  • Stainless steel rubber handle

Serving spoon Nylon (PE/300H1) @ £0.50

  • All-nylon withstanding cooking heat

Serving spoon CPR Handle (PE/300H2) @ £0.50

  • Stainless steel bronze handle

Serving spoon BLK Handle (PE/300H3) @ £0.50

  • Stainless steel with hard wearing rubber handle
  • Hard wearing red rubber stud on the handle

Slotted spatula (PE/300J) @ £0.50

  • Stainless steel rubber handle 
  • Suitable for serving pies, eggs, quiche, omelettes, etc.

Ice cream scooper (PE/300K) @ £0.50

  • Stainless steel mirror shine

BBQ/Grill/Braai Fork (PE/300L) @ £0.50

  • Comes in all stainless steel or wood handle
  • Also suitable for outdoors

BBQ/Grill/Braai Spatula (PE/300M) @ £0.50

  • Comes in all stainless steel or wooden handle
  • Also suitable for outdoors grills