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**This order form is exclusively for customers who have used our service at least once. You agree to abide by our T&Cs of service and to assume responsibility where equipment is damaged, lost or switched whilst in your care. Your loyalty and support is highly appreciated by us. Therefore, all hire charges are reduced by 3%


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Please check that you have entered the right quantities you require. Some of the items will require you to enter specifications such as unit type, sizes, colour, etc.


Food Display Equipment:

Chafing Dish 9L food pan + 3hr Fuel (PE/100A) @ £6.79/set Chafing Dish 2x4L food pan + 3hr Fuel (PE/100A1) @ £6.79/set
**Bulky Hires Offer
Hire 5+ chafing dishes and get 10% Discount on the equipment
Hire 5+ chafing dishes and hire up to 30 dinner plates for free
Hire 10+ chafing dishes and get 10% Discount on the equipment
Hire 10+ chafing dishes and hire up to 70 dinner plates for free
Hire 15+ chafing dishes and get 10% discount on the equipment
Hire 15+ chafing dishes and hire up to 100 dinner plates for free
Select this option only if you have ordered chafing dishes
Single 9L food pan (PE/100AA) @ £4.85 Single 4L food pan (PE/100AA1) @ £2.91
Buffalo Soup Kettle Black 10L (PE/100B) @ £8.73 each (£8.29/unit for 2+) Salad Crock Black 4.25L (PE/100C) @ £1.94
**Bulky Hires Offer
Hire 2+ 10L Buffalo soup kettles. Get 5% discount
Select this option only if you have ordered buffalo soup kettle
Oval serving platter 50cm PE/200J) @ £1.94 Salad Crock Black 4.25L + Lid (PE/100C1) @ £2.57

Crockery Items:

4 Square Bowls + stand (PE/100D) @ £4.85/set 3 Round Bowls + stand (PE/100E) @ £4.66/set
8" wide rimmed plate (PE/200A) £0.17 9" wide-rimmed plate (PE/200B) £0.19
10" wide-rimmed plate (PE/200C) £0.19 11" wide-rimmed plate (PE/200D) £0.24
8" thin-rimmed plate (PE/200A1) £0.19 9" thin-rimmed plate (PE/200B1) £0.24
10" thin-rimmed plate (PE/200C1) £0.24 11" thin-rimmed plate (PE/200D1) £0.29
Oatmeal bowl 6"(PE/200E) @ £0.19 each Soup/Pasta Bowl (PE/200F) @ £0.19 ea
Salt & pepper shakers (PE/200G) @ £0.29 Sauce boat white 200ml (PE/200H) @ £1.94 each

Cutlery Units:

Plain economy Knife (PE/300A) @ £0.08 Plain economy Fork (PE/300B) @ £0.08
Plain economy D-Spoon (PE/300C) @ £0.08 Plain economy T-Spoon (PE/300D) @ £0.08
Plain economy Soup spoon (PE/300E) @ £0.08 King Patterned Knife (PE/300A1) @ £0.12
King Patterned Fork (PE/300B1) @ £0.12 King Patterned D-spoon (PE/300C1) @ £0.12
King Patterned T-spoon (PE/300D1) @ £0.12 King Patterned Soup spoon (PE/300E1) @ £0.12
Steak knife black handle (PE/300A2) @ £0.24 undefined2:

Food Serving Utensils:

Salad Tongs (PE/300F) @ £0.49 Hot Food tongs (PE/300F1) @ £0.49
Ice/Candy Tongs (PE/300F2) @ £0.49 Soup/Gravy ladle (PE/300G) @ £0.49
Condiments ladle (PE/300G1) @ £0.49 Pasta ladle (PE/300G2) @ £0.49
Serving spoon Large (PE/300H) @ £0.49 Slotted spoon (PE/300H1) @ £0.49
Vegetable Skimmer (PE/300i) @ £0.49 Slotted spatular (PE/300J) @ £0.49
Ice cream scooper (PE/300K) @ £0.49 BBQ/Grill/Braai Fork (PE/300L) @ £0.49


Beverage Dispensing Equipment:

Water Boiler 20L (PE/400A) @ £8.73 each Pump Action Airpot 5L (PE/400B) @ £3.88 each (£3.69/unit for 5+)
**Bulky Hires Offer
Hire 5+ Pump action airpot / Thermo flasks. Get 5% discount
Select this option only if you have ordered pump action airpots

Beverage Crockery:

Milk/Cream Jug 170ml (PE/400C) @ £0.29 Milk/Cream Jug 200ml (PE/400C1) @ £0.53
Teacup, Saucer + tsp (PE/400D) @ £0.29 Coffee Mugs white + tsp (PE/400E) @ £0.19
White insulated teapot 1L/36oZ (PE/400H) @ £1.94 White insulated coffee pot 1.5L/52.7oZ (PE/400N) @ £1.94

Beverage Glassware:

Hi-Ball glass 10oZ/285ml (PE/400F) @ £0.24 Hi-Ball mixer glass 10oZ/285ml (PE/400G) @ £0.24
Beer Glass 20oZ/570ml (PE/400J) @ £0.27 Champagne Flute 6oZ/170ml (PE/400K) @ £0.24
Wine goblet 14.5oZ/410ml (PE/400L) @ £0.24 Glass Juice jar 1.3L (PE/400M) @ £1.16
Champagne Bottle bowl (PE/400P) @ £4.85 undefined2:


Chafing Fuel:

Gel chafing fuel, liquid chafing fuel. Please note that when you hire chafing dishes from us they come complete with 2 hours chafing fuel.

Gel chafing fuel 3 hours (PE/500A) £1.54 each Liquid/Wick chafing Fuel 2 hours (PE/500B) £2.36 each
Liquid/Wick chafing fuel 4 hours (PE/500C) £3.49 each Liquid/wick chafing fuel 6 hours (PE/500D) @ £3.93 each


In this section please enter any Promotional code for our seasonal offers that are underway. More information about this offer is found on our website on our "Special Offers" page.

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Our delivery service is available and charged per mileage. Therefore please provide accurate information about your destination including post code. Orders of at least £300 are delivered free of charge

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Cleaning service not required. All Equipment will be returned clean and dry
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We offer equipment cleaning service where it is needed. However, all equipment must be returned on the same day or the following day with food residue scrapped off.

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