Returning Equipment

Returning Equipment

When equipment is hired we charge customers 40% refundable deposit which will be paid fully or partially upon the return of the equipment hired so far.  However, in order to recover 100% of the RD, the following conditions must be satisfied:

  • All equipment returned in their Original Quantities,
  • All equipment returned in their Original packaging or as they were received
  • All equipment returned Clean and Dry, (excludes where equipment cleaning service has been requested)
  • All equipment returned in their Good Working Conditions,
  • All equipment returned Without and defaults/dents/burnout,
  • All Equipment returned On Time i.e. 2 days after your event date (unless prior arrangements have been agreed upon)
  • All Equipment returned On Time i.e. the same day or the next day after your event date. This applies to all equipment returned uncleaned

Equipment Cleaning and Repackaging

Cleaning service is available for a small fee that must be paid upfront.   For up-to-date information about our cleaning service, please Click here.

Returning Clean and Unclean Equipment

When returning our equipment, please return them packaged as we recommend whether clean or not.  When returning clean equipment, please make sure thye are completely dry before they are repacked.  When you are returning equipment NOT cleaned, please scrape off food residue from the equipment.  Before packaging the dirty equiment in boxes/cases provided, please line them first to avoid ruining the cases/boxes. They MUST be repackaged properly to avoid, breakages and dents.  Please click this link for our recommendation.

Lost /Damaged Equipment

Damage can ocurr when equipment is not handled properly causing dents and when it is not used properly.  Please click this link for our recommendation on proper use of chafing/gastronomy equipment.  If you are not sure how to use the equipment you want to hire please ask us for help.  Also equipment is considered damaged beyond intended use when it is rusty and/or discoloured due to exposure to unfavorable conditions.  Learn more on how much we charge for Damaged and Lost equipment.  Please be aware that any swapped/switched equipment is regarged as lost.   


Late Fees

You are required to return our equipment within a maximum of 2 days after your event date unless prior arrangements have been agreed.  Please refer to point (16) of our T&Cs for any surcharges that can be imposed when our equipment is not returned on time as per booking order.