What is Party Equip

Party Equip is a family owned business based in Coventry, UK.  We are online based catering equipment hire service that was founded in December 2014 to supply food display equipment, beverage dispensers, gastronomy accessories and tableware.  We operate strictly on appointment with regards to collecting and returning of equipment including deliveries. All equipment bookings are done online direct from our website and subsequent updates on orders is done via email. For more information please check our FAQs.  If you are still not answered, please call us.  


Party Equip is a business built on;

Global warming awareness.

Plastic pollution has become a subject matter and a global phenomenon that is threatening the future of our planet. As a catering service, we champion the alleviation of disposable plastic-based tableware that is widely used at large parties and other social gatherings.  In this respect we provide affordable non-plastic, tableware for our customers. 

Affordability:  We are the most affordable service provider by way of discount and special offers as stipulated on our "Special Deals" page. 

Efficiency:  We recommend that all booking orders must be submitted at least 5 days before the event date to allow us better preparation, and to guarantee the availability of equipment.  However, if your event is taking place in 4 days' up to a day's time, please contact us as we may be able to deliver our service on time. 

Flexibility: Service users are permitted to keep hired equipment in their care for a maximum of 48 hours after their event date.  It is our endeavour to not  hassle service users into returning our equipment soon after hosting an event, especially when hosting a large event. We believe that hosting a catering function is nothing less than a daunting challenge and more time is needed to put everything in order. 

Giving back to the community: Our giving back to the community is 2-fold;

  • Customer loyalty: We believe that community support is important for the success and growth of our business. Therefore, customer retension is paramount to us.  To show our appreciation for continued support and customer loyalty, we guarantee 3% discount on equipment to returning customers.
  • Philanthropic support: Once a year we create a fundraiser to support a charitable organisation within our community. Customers donate to this charity and Party Equip will reduce the customer's invoice (equipment only) by 1.5 of their contribution. Please check out our "Special Deals" page for more details.  All the resources contributed are handled by reputable crowdfunding platforms and Party Equip UK does not handle any financial resources.

    Patience  Murapata

    The Business owner and Co-founder:

    "Since its birth in 2014, Party Equip is committed to value the loyalty and support of our service users, and to keep our environment clean. Therefore;

    • we have employed a system that gives back to the community as much as we can.  Without the community, our service is irrelevant. 
    • we ensure that our service users do not over spend unnecessarily by providing them all the information they need to allow them better judgement and the ability to make informed decision about their spending.
    • we discourage the proliferation use of plastic-based tableware by providing affordable and durable equipment that is made out of eco-friendly material.