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Before submitting this form, you are required to read and understand the following 4 legally binding documents before you commit to use our service. They have been designed to protect you as a customer as well as our interests.

You are also accepting liability for any damage and/or loss of equipment while in your possession and you agree to be charged accordingly.

I have read the Terms and Conditions of service and I agree to abide by these for the sake of this booking.
I have read and I understand the Refundable Deposit Requirement document and I agree to abide by the set out conditions.
I have read the Loss and Damage Charges policy and I accept liability to pay for any damages and/or loss of Party Equip property while in my possession.
I have read the Privacy Policy document and I agree that Party Equip collect and hold my information for the purpose of this business transaction as outlined in their privacy policy document.
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