Frequently Asked Questions


DISCLAIMER:  We supply all our equipment generally clean. Ultimately, it is your responsibility to make sure that the food and beverages you serve are free from deadly toxins.  Therefore, we do encourage customers to wash all the equipment before using it.

How to place equipment booking order

All booking orders/reservations and purchases are done direct from our website.  We DO NOT take orders over the phone to be precise.  Before completing the booking order forms, please check our BOOKINGS CALENDAR for the dates and times that we are available to serve you.  All new customers must complete Equipment Booking Form Page 1 (STEP 1) and the Equipment Booking Form Page 2 (STEP 2) as illustrated on the homepage.  STEP 1. provides the complete equipment catalogue, services i.e. delivery and equipment cleaning, access to special offers, etc.  In STEP 2 the customer is required to

For returning customers, please use the "Returning Customer Order Form" from the menu. Alternatively, click the relevant ribbon from the homepage.  All your order updates are communicated via email.  Therefore if you have a filter on your email system simply add our email address info@partyequip.co.uk to your address book.  Otherwise check your junk email box for any communication about your order.   

How to Cancel or Amend Your Order

If you no longer wish to proceed with your order, simply notify us by email. You can amend your order by:

  • increasing or reducting item quantity
  • adding completely new items/servives
  • removing items/services
  • Change of destination for delivery, etc

Please do so by allowing at least 5 days before your order is due for delivery or collection. Simply email us details of  the changes you want and we will send you an updated invoice.

Refundable Deposit Requirement

We charge 40% Refundable Deposit (RD) additional to the cost of the equipment booked for hire. This is 40% of the total value of all equipment including equipment inclusive of equipment on FREE hire offer. This RD is ONLY refundable upon satisfying these conditions among others:

  • All equipment returned as the Original equipment (i.e. not swapped), unless replaced with a brand new similar equipment
  • All equipment returned in their original Quantities
  • All equipment returned in their Original packaging or as they were received
  • All equipment returned Clean and Dry, (excludes where equipment cleaning service has been requested)
  • All equipment returned in their Good Working Conditions,
  • All equipment returned Without any defaults/dents/burnout,
  • All equipment returned On Time i.e. 2 days after your event date unless prior arrangements have been agreed. This applies to equipment returned as cleaned
  • All equipment returned On Time i.e. the same day or the next day after your event date. This applies to equipment returned as uncleaned


Large Orders Deposit Requirement

For any orders of £300 and above we require a non-refundable deposit (NRD) of 60% of the total cost to be paid upfront as a holding fee.  This amount is only refundable if the order is cancelled at least 14 days before the collection date. If the order has been placed and confirmed by the customer 14 days or less, the order cannot be cancelled, therefore the NRD is forfeited.

Discount Award for Returning Customers

We appreciate your loyalty and support of our service. Therefore, we have awarded 3% discount on all equipment hired for a lifetime to returning customers.  This discount is strictly on equipment only.   

Student Exclusive Discount 

We offer 5% discount to Higher Education students. This discount is effective whereby;

  • the student has just graduated and the event is about their graduation
  • the student is actively participating in their education at the time of using our service
  • the student ID is valid, otherwise the institute involved must validate the student status
  • It is to our discretion to make sure the student status is valid after consulting the educational institution

Once all the above points have been satisfied, the student must show proof on the day of collection or delivery of service.  Subsequently, the discount is applied accordingly.

Making A Payment

You can pay your invoice straight from this website by clicking the Pay Now Paypal on our Homepage.  Alternatively, click Pay Now on the menu for more payment options.  All payments must be cleared before equipment is collected or delivered.  When a customer is collecting the equipment, payment can be made before or on the day of collection.  In case of a delivery service requested, payment MUST be paid at least 48 hours before the day of delivery.

Collecting Equipment

Customers can collect equipment from us at their earliest convenience.  Prior to completing the equipment booking forms, please check BOOKINGS CALENDAR for our availability.  Parking is readily available at any time.  Customers are allowed to change their pick up time on the day of collection as long as their schedule corresponds with our Bookings Calendar. 

Returning Equipment

Our equipment return policy is flexible that we allow customers to keep equipment in their care for a maximum of 2 days after their event Customers are allowed to change the time of delivery on the day as long as their schedule corresponds with our Bookings Calendar.  If the deadline is missed we charge £2 on each day passed (Monday - Friday) and £5 for every Saturday and Sunday. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you are facing any problems as we are always ready to work with you to avoid unnecessary costs.   

Delivery Service 

Currently delivery service is FREE on small orders to and from destinations within Coventry.  Anywhere else within our service area delivery is available for a minimum order of £100 before refundable deposit is applied.  Our delivery is charged per mile therefore customers must provide a full address including post code.  Orders of at least £300 are delivered for free. For more information, please Click here.  We recommend that all payment must be cleared at least 48 hours before delivery date.  

How to Use Gastronomy Equipment Effectively

The last thing we want is to charge customers for damaged equipment.  We advise that customers ask how to use the equipment is they are not familiar with it.  This applies mainly to our soup kettles and gastronomy equipment which can be damaged by dry heat.  Therefore, we recommend following our guidelines on how to use chafing dishes effectively

Unspent Chafing Fuel 

We supply chafing dishes/ food warmers / gastronomy equipment fully equipped with 3 hours chafing fuel.  In case you have purchased extra fuel but never got to use it, you can return it to us for a full refund as long as it is not damaged.  Therefore please store chafing fuel in cool dry area.   

Equipment Care

Chafing dishes/food warmers/gastronomy equipment: When you are using chafing dishes, please DO NOT insert burner covers while you are heating up the equipment.  Only insert burner lids to extinguish the flame.  Once the burner has cooled down please discard the fuel cans before returning the equipment to us.  All equipment MUST be cleaned and dried properly before returning them to us including all parts of gastronomy equipment.  Repackage all equipment the way we recommend i.e. as they have been presented to you by us.  For example, DO NOT stack water pans as they can get stuck to each other making it difficult to separate them.  Any attempt to forcibly pull them may dent the equipment and may cause injury to the person(s) who is pulling them out.

Gastronomy food pans: After food service please DO NOT leave food pans with food remnants especially rice, to stand for a long time before washing them to avoid discolouration of the equipment.

Crockery and glassware: Our crockery is durable and chip resistant.  However, we will not accept any chipped dinner plates, bowls, glassware, etc. as they are considered damaged beyond use.  When the equipment is presented to you, please check for any damages.

Cleaning equipment: Please DO NOT use abrasive scourers to clean any of our equipment; chinaware, glass, rubber or stainless as this will damage the quality of the items. Ideally, all glassware must be returned unwashed to minimise damage. No extra cost charged.  All clean equipment MUST be dried properly before repackaged or before stacking them to avoid discolouration and rusting on metal equipment.    

Equipment Cleaning Service

Cleaning service is available for a small fee that must be paid upfront.  Please follow our repackaging guidelines if you are returning equipment uncleaned.  Ideally repackage them as they have been supplied to you, and as we recommend.  For up-to-date information about our cleaning service, please click here. ** PLEASE NOTE: If you are not cleaning the equipment it must be returned the same day or the next day to avoid moulding or rusting from food and drink residue.


Lost /Damaged Equipment

There are charges for lost equipment or damaged equipment beyond its intended use. Beyond intended use also refers to visible dents that are not good for display to the satisfaction of a user.  For charges regarding loss and damage covering all our equipment please click here for our Damage and Loss  charges.  We are happy to assist you with tips on how to use our equipment effectively and avoid unnecessary costs.  For tips on how to use chafing dishes effectively, please click here.


Late Fees

All equipment must be returned clean within a maximum of 2 days after your event, or the next day latest when equipment is returned unclean. Late fees are applied as stipulated in point (16) of our T&Cs. 


Terms and Conditions

Our T&Cs cover almost every aspect you need to know before committing to do business with us. Click here to read them now.

updated and valid from 01/01/2021